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You are responsible for the safety of your installation, your employees and the environment. This should be clear to everyone, at any time, at any place, and it should be at the very core of your entire inspection policy. If we structure your management system, you can be sure that your process equipment demonstrably complies with the inspection and care obligations.

Have you documented your inspection policy?

We are able to document a tailor-made, result-driven strategy for you.

Do you have an adequate insight into the equipment that is subject to the obligation to undergo periodic testing?

We select the pressure equipment that is subject to the obligation to undergo periodic testing and to a duty of care.

Do you apply the best possible strategy?

Inspection tasks are always carried out for good reasons. Based on your specific situation, we define the best inspection strategy for each individual object. Thanks to our expertise in the field of inspection and its regulation rules and application of possible techniques, we know exactly where, when and how often measurement and inspection must take place.

How efficient is your inspection plan?

We deliver synergy through an effective and efficient coordination of inspection routines. Maximum risk control combined with maximum availability of production. Is your inspection policy secured in the management system? The management system delivers complete work packages for periodic inspections, allowing all components to be inspected in the right place and in a substantiated and well-documented way.

How do you record your inspection and measurement results?

The safeguarding of your inspection and measurement results facilitates a transparent and auditable process. These results can be used for a continuous improvement of your processes. Based on this methodology, we can also set up a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) scheme.

Is RBI a good option for your situation?

The RBI methodology, which is partly based on the API 581 standard, allows us to map the most important risks of a process installation. This makes us a competent partner in substantiating and implementing a RBI within your organisation. Each part of a process installation has its specific risks.


Corrosion management

We know from experience that a large portion of potential problems related to an installation are caused by corrosion. That is why we offer corrosion management as a specific part of our services.

Inspection drawings

Vectormm  produces drawings that clearly visualise the inspection system. They allow us to accurately determine the position of measurement points and measuring techniques.

Document management

The value and availability of information are very often underestimated. The existence of a large amount of data does not necessarily mean that the right information is truly available. To carry out an inspection task,  necessary documentation and information must be available. There must be an efficient Document and Certificate Management System that interacts seamlessly with the Inspection Management System.
By gearing all these inspection activities within the management system up to each other in a smart way, you create a perfect interaction between operations, inspection and HSE, ensuring a sustainable result. Always with a fast, tangible insight into the status. An approach that is both pragmatic and effective!

Vector Maintenance Management

As an asset owner, you know that the stakes are high. The playing field is huge and the investments are tremendous… It is, therefore, vital to ensure that business processes are structured in an adequate way and are kept in place under all circumstances. This is easier said than done. To ensure safety, continuity and efficiency, good asset management is of great importance. Daily practice teaches us that many maintenance management systems can be structured in a much better way. Who we are?

We are Vectormm. Pleased to meet you!

We support asset owners and help them create safety, continuity and value through targeted maintenance and inspection programs. Vectormm initiates, implements, optimises, works in a pragmatic and transparent way, and is completely independent.

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